Importance Of Creative Arts Essay

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In the development of a child into a youth creative arts plays an important role in fostering creativity and education geared towards the development of a whole nation. It is very sad that people have this wrong notion about arts as a profession being mediocre or inferior. According to (Wangboje 1990: 7–10), arts is the main foundation on which our life and human existence holds. We are all basically consumers of arts because the furniture around as, the houses we live in, the clothes we were and the flowers and lights we use for decoration are all products of arts. The ability to tell if a painting or graffiti is nice or not balls down to our experience in creative arts being it as an art person or a viewer. Therefore, it is genuine to say…show more content…
It is evident to notice that arts and technology work hand in hand and except for the fact that that artistic proficiency and artistic skills makes living more pleasing and satisfactory to experience, the principles of harmony, order , balance , originality, unity and beauty which are inculcated in art, will instilled and be of great priority to the leaders in Ghana. As a result, In Ghana, creative arts promotes culture and peace especially among the youth. This can be witnessed during the Chalewote festivals that are hosted where people show their arts and sculpture through paintings including skin painting , graffiti , dance as stories and culture are being taught . According to Uzoagba (2000) chemistry is the science of the composition of mathematics. The artist like a chemist make their contribute by separating raw materials or substances and making them into different combinations, so the knowledge acquired through the study of chemistry of clay by the ceramist is sort of transferred to the manufacturing of drugs by the chemist or pharmacists which in turn has aided nation building. Also, Uzoagba (2000) postulated that art and mathematics are related in several ways and there is hardly any educational endeavour that anybody would venture into where art and mathematics one not practiced. There is art in mathematics and vice versa hence arts combined with mathematics help solve problems in the
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