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Visual arts play an important role in one’s life. Researches show that kids growing up in an aesthetic environment develop far better than kids growing up without it (Early Childhood Education Journal, Vol. 30, No.4, Summer 2003). Growing up in an artistic family, I am personally compelled to the visual arts. I want to create a program called the Sunday Youth Visual Art Program to create a better community environment that fosters the education of the arts. I find that Columbus, a mid-size city, has the perfect social environment for my program to thrive. Columbus is a school-centered city, and there are needs for the youth programs. Based on my assessment of the city, the goal of my program is to influence, inspire, and foster the growth of the youth in the Columbus community. It is always crucial to engage multiple intelligent minds to create and to perfect a program. The Sunday Youth Visual Art Program applies the typical pyramid program structure. We have an executive director who also works as our director of exhibitions and curatorial practice to overlook the entire program. We also divided our program into three major sections, and had three full time board members to manage each one. We also assigned interns to help our board members in accomplishing their jobs. In “Arts and Cultural Programming” Doug Blandy and Gaylene Carpenter introduced the processes of creating a program. Planning is an essential aspect that should not be overlooked in terms of first starting a program. Planning should be strategic, organized and purposeful. To plan a program, we first need to define the program objective. The Sunday Youth Visual Art Program’s mission statement is to influence, inspire, and foster the growth of the youth in the Col... ... middle of paper ... ...en 14 and 23, more then 70% attendance, over 80% positive rate, making a net profit on the income statement. Judging from the planning process of the Sunday Youth Visual Art Program, we have nighty percent confidence to be successful. Being in a school-centered environment, we hope that the Sunday Youth Visual Art Program can provide helpful instructions for high school and college aged students who are interested in getting some introduction level knowledge in visual art. We are also dedicated to serve the Columbus community by offering a wide variety of exhibitions and art talks to enrich the community arts education environment. The Sunday Youth Visual Art Program ensures financial stability by stimulating government donor, corporate donor and community support, and we are committed to creating a safe and creative environment for city school and college students.
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