Importance Of Child Protection

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The term “protection” ideally should mean protection from all forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation. This underlines the significance of anticipating and preventing potential damage to a child, with the primary requirement of identification of a problem. The Indian Child Abuse, Neglect & Child Labour (ICANCL) group and Indian Medical Association (IMA) has stalwartly promulgated the view that “protection” not only includes protection from disease, poor nutrition, and lack of knowledge but also action against abuse and exploitation.1 In 2011, 9th ISPCAN Asia Pacific Conference of Child Abuse & Neglect (APCCAN) resulted in the “Delhi Declaration”. The Delhi Declaration attested to urgent need undertake productive measures against CAN and build a safe and thriving community for every child. Medical professionals are required by law to report cases of child sexual abuse, under the “The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012.” However, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) & Indian Medical Association(IMA) admits that hardly any training is provided to medical students, practicing doctors, dentists or any allied medical health professionals on the subject of` child abuse.1 477 participants out of 762 strongly agreed…show more content…
Efforts should be made by the dental staff to assess the appropriate reason for it by talking to the care takers of child, whether it’s due to neglect and carelessness or due to inefficiency in providing nourishment to the child due to financial reasons.37 If it’s due to lack of finances, parents should be informed about the NGO like SAVE THE CHILDREN INDIA etc. It has launched a campaign ‘Nutrition for Babies” to improve and spread awareness in the society about nutritional health for children. Also, several Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers (NRCs) have been established by government’s health department to treat cases of Severe Acute malnutrition in some states of
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