Importance Of Accountability In Education

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In Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary the word accountability is defined as follows: “the quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one 's actions.” Currently teachers are being held accountable for their students’ test scores and the growth each student has achieved in one academic year. Teachers are hired to teach the material given to them. The student’s job is to study the material and seek help if they need a deeper explanation. A student should be held accountable for their own test scores. This also has unintentional consequences such as, the unbearable amount of stress teachers begin to have because their job relies and a student’s test score growth. One teacher…show more content…
Unfortunately, some students are not attentive during lessons and, a portion of students have no interest in being educated. Also, a few students do not have regular attendance, choose to be chronically tardy, and might attend school only because the government and parents force them to do so. Educators have to fight through an array of issues, just to be able to teach an effective lesson for each student to fully comprehend. Then, the students are to be tested on the material they may or may not completely understand. Teachers do need to have some sort of accountability system, but the accountability should not be a system that is fully reliant on their student’s test scores. If the education system chooses to hold teachers entirely responsible, it will inadvertently have more…show more content…
However it causes more harm than good. A large sum of K-12 teachers teach material that is not covered by standardized tests given to students. Luckily the education system knows many testing companies who would be more than to create tests for every subject, tests would even match with the curriculum taught. Surely schools could get these test for a steal (Glass and Berliner 31-32). Eventually the standardized tests become and business deal. A deal with a company that does not specialize in education, a company just looking for money. Once a “cost-effective” deal is made the teachers feel the backlash of new policies that have to be created and implemented. Getting support from citizens and parents is the simplest part because the idea of holding teachers accountable for their effective teaching skills, now they are responsible the students’ grades and scores in standardized tests. Unfortunately citizens and parents are not educated on the full policy. So, there is no surprise when parents become disappointed when the new strategies are proven ineffective. This might have something to do with the small parts of the rules are explained completely. Educators have to put in more extra time to help students, and it causes more concerns than
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