Importance And Weaknesses Of Health Information

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Health information needs to not only be accurate but reliable as well. It is the foundation of decision making when administering treatment, conducting research, health education and for general administration of health facilities. It forms an integral part of the healthcare system and as such must be treated with the highest regard. A health information system is therefore necessary to ensure that the information provided is managed in the appropriate way. A health information system has four core functions. They are data collection, generation, analysis and synthesis (World Health Organisation, 2008). This essay will focus on the analysis of health information. This involves considering its benefits, risks associated with it, opportunities it presents and the weaknesses associated with it. Health information fuels the communication channels within the healthcare industry. It is a support for patient and health facility management, global reporting and permits health situation and trend analysis (World Health Organization, 2008). Health planners and stakeholders require different kinds of information. The type …show more content…

(World Health Organization, 2008) The importance of health information Health information is vital for the development of research as well as for tracing a patient’s history. It plays a pivotal role in improving health care safety, the quality of healthcare and overall patient outcomes (National Academy of Sciences, 2009). It becomes possible to not only reduce the propensity of medical errors but to also reduce medication that one needs. The generation of strategic health information is a core rule of public health since it is relied upon for the identification of needs, priorities and inequalities in healthcare. It is also used to monitor policies and the actions taken in conformity to them. How individuals, professionals, and organizations use health

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