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Management information system is nowadays the most important element of an organization to work effectively and efficiently.
It is set of interrelated components which collect, process, store and distribute the information to a support decision making in an organisation.

MIS are distinct from other information systems as they are used for analysis and facilitation of strategic and operational activities.
The major components of a MIS are:
1) Hardware
2) Software
3) Data
4) Procedures
5) People
MIS caters across all the functional business processes of an organization:

Process Functions
Manufacturing and production Assembling product, quality check, BOM
Sales and marketing Identify customers, awareness/selling of product …show more content…

As a better flow of information helps in a better and timely manufacturing/handles inventory/distribution/deliveries.
2) CRM- Customer relationship management is also enhanced by a proper ERP system installed in an organisation. As it helps in feedbacks from customers/ marketing/sales force automation. (It focuses on “customer satisfaction”)
ERP helps and supports centralization by enforcing uniform data standards and business processes throughout a company and a single unified technology platform. ERP systems can be either; Customised or Configured
Leading ERP software vendors:
• Oracle ( with its acquisition of PeopleSoft)
• Infor Global Solutions
• Microsoft

Rockland group of hospitals provide international standards, seamless & integrated healthcare services across all the units through a network of specialised healthcare facilities across Delhi, Manesar, Dwarka and Noida (planned on …show more content…

TPA Name Company Name Patient Name D.O. A Room No. Alloted Bed Type LOS (Days) Total Bill Amount DEPOSIT AMOUNT

2) Statistical Report:

STATISTICAL REPORT 07.08.14 PAYERWISE DISTRIBUTION OF PT 07.08.14 Doctor wise Inpatient No. Of patients Under Doctor ADMITTED HOSPITAL STAFF

3) Unbilled Data:

Sl IP Patient Doctor Room LOS Panel Comp. Pay Patient Pay Deposit Comp. Bal. Patient. Bal.

4) Doctor wise discharge report:

Doctor Wise Discharge Report 07.08.2014
Sl. Bill IP Patient Doctor Payer Panel Mode Revenue

5) Summary Report:
DAILY REVENUE REPORT SNAP SHOT 01-Aug 02-Aug 03-Aug 04-Aug 05-Aug 06-Aug 07-Aug MTD/Act

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