Media Optimization In Social Media

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Today the internet is the backbone of our society. We have moved on from the era of simple one-way communication i.e. Web1.0 to interactive social systems that is available 24 x7. We call the current version that allows users to interact as Web 2.0. Widespread access to devices like personal computers, digital videos, audio recorders, webcams, smart phones, & smart watches ensures that customers living in any part of the world can create & share content.
Social media works only when people participate, create & share content. Journalists, editors, & publishers still matter in social media, but so do everyday individuals. People support social media through their participation. Bloggers represent a unique hybrid form of netizens
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The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.
One of the key components of Social media marketing is social media optimization (SMO). Like search engine optimization, SMO is a strategy for drawing new and unique visitors to a website. SMO can be done two ways: adding social media links to content, such as RSS feeds and sharing buttons -- or promoting activity through social media by updating statuses or tweets, or blog posts. [2]
Thus in today’s digital age social media marketing is the new way of reaching out to the new customers in order to create brand awareness and a brand recall to the existing customers too. Thus it is an interactive medium where customers also participate and are the content creators. Thus social media marketing is being used by all types of industries ie B2C & B2B. (“The Infrastructure of Social Media”)
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Internet Marketing:
Internet Marketing is a means to market business online. The way to market to people has radically changed in the past few years due to social media. Consumers are much smarter nowadays and are not as interested in any random messages being shown to them and are therefore are engaging more with social networks. This enable then what products to buy/ services to use, compare products, read peer to peer reviews and finally make their decisions.

Internet marketing is defined as the application of the Internet and related digital technologies in conjunction with traditional communications to achieve marketing objectives (Chaffey, D., Ellis-Chadwick, F., Johnston, K. and Mayer, R. 2006, 8) [20]. According to Chaffey et al. (2006, 20), to be successful in Internet marketing, a strategic approach is needed 15 to manage the risks and deliver the opportunities available from online channels
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