Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers

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attention and actually getting to know something new. For example in one of my many classes we formed a big circle so we can get to know each other and nobody was communicating to each other, everyone was on their phone or iPod. Communication is actually in depth and it shouldn’t be like this, having to talk to people online because in person they won’t pay attention to you is very crazy. Young people are on their phones so much that they don’t even realize when somebody older is talking to them because they are too busy either being nosey on social networks or texting. Another impact social media has on young teens is the way they communicate with people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram compared to the way they communicate with somebody in person. People no longer know how to communicate face to face and actually sit down and talk over dinner because they are constantly on their phones on these social networks paying nobody any mind especially grown people. They don’t know how to hold a regular conversation with the person next to them because there too busy texting it to them in...
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