Immoral Lust and Storm-binding Obliviousness

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Immoral Lust and Storm-binding Obliviousness

The short story “ The Storm,” by Kate Chopin is an encompassing story of two people

and their affair. Chopin exhibits the enabling and approval of intimacy outside the marriage.

Society condemns the idea of the enjoyment that accompanies sex which in-turn pushes the

femininity closer to adultery. Although during this time period the constraints on infidelity were

strong, Chopin gives the readers a second in time to break free.

“ The Storm’s,” title is in direct representation of the stories vast array of sexuality and

passion. Nature, which is the reference in the short story, is feminine if viewed symbolically.

“The Storm” is conceived as being nothing more than intimacy and lusting for one another which

is re-examined time after time throughout the story. Waiting out the soon to approach storm, Bibi

and Bobint prove worrisome about Calixta. The reasoning for the tribulations involving Calixa is

because Bobinot is engaged in an affair with her alongside the fact that she is Bibi’s mother....
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