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  • Lightning

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    storm outside that included thunder and lightning. This was especially true in the hours of darkness, when you could really see the lightning. As I grew older this so-called fear of lightning turned into a fascination for this weather phenomena. One of my most vivid memories of lightning as a young man was when I was flying to Florida, the plane was at an altitude above a thunderstorm, that was producing heavy lightning, watching the flashing of the lightning popping off as we flew above the clouds

  • Physics of Lightning

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    Lightning can be defined as a transient, high current electric discharge whose path length is generally measured in kilometers. Lightning occurs when some region of the atmosphere attains an electric charge sufficiently large that the electric fields associated with the charge cause electrical breakdown of the air. However lighting has been reported in snowstorms, sandstorms, in clouds over erupting volcanoes, and been reported to occur in the clear air. Such lightning can take place entirely within

  • Physics of Lightning

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    In ancient times, lightning was seen as a tool of the gods. In Viking legend, it was Thor’s hammer striking an anvil in the sky that was responsible for lightning. For the Greeks, it was Zeus who threw lightning down to the earth. North American Indian tribes thought that lightning was produced by a mystical bird with flashing feathers whose flapping caused thunder. Even now, hundreds of years after the first scientific work with lightning, people remain in awe of its power. In the 18th century

  • Live With Lightning

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    Live With Lightning The main hero of the novel is looking for an answer to the question: “What is his place as a scientist in the world.” The book focuses on the historic period from the 30s till the end of the World War II. A common American post-student wants to become a scientist. He has nothing except his talent, courage, patience, persistence, and strong will to devote his life to physics. On obtaining his diploma and his appointment as an assistant and teacher in the University of Columbia

  • The Mechanisms of Lightning

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    do not know the origin of lightning bolts nor their true strength. Lightning bolts are produced from opposite fields interacting. This can result in dangerous bolts that can have devastating results. The bolts have the capacity to injure many things, including appliances, people, forest, etc. However, although these bolts can have dangerous affects, there are prevention techniqies for lightening. These procedures can protect you, loved ones, and property. With lightning come many myths. These myths

  • The Phenomenon of Ball Lightning

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    The Phenomenon of Ball Lightning Another startling sighting - and certainly one of the most detailed and scientifically credible - comes from Professor Roger Jennison (Department of Electronics, University of Kent) concerning his experiences on board a late-night flight from New York to Washington in March 1963. He later wrote of his experiences in the November 1969 issue of Nature. Jennison states that the phenomenon occurred after the aircraft encountered a thunderstorm in which it was enveloped

  • Lightning: An Electrostatic Discharge

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    Lightning Light! What is it? Where does it come from? What can we do with it to help humanity? It allows us to see the unknown the places that have been dark for years. It helps us see what is around us. Different sources of light can be used to power the things around us. Lightning is a source of light. Lightning is an electrostatic discharge between two electrically charge regions with in the clouds and surface of a planet. The charged regions within the atmosphere equalize themselves through

  • Lightning Mine Vs Archangel

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    The Australian novel, Lightning Mine, covers the development of an iron ore mine on a sacred land guarded by “Namarrkon'; in the Northern Territory. MDG/Global mining was very interested in the area, and sent their chief prospector, Aaron Shoemaker to investigate the land. Whilst Shoemaker is there, he sets off a chain of corporate and government tactics to ensure the development of the mine on the Aboriginal sacred site. These tactics, as you can imagine, were not overly fair to the Aboriginal

  • Lightning Never Strikes Twice

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    Lightning Never Strikes Twice 	A few miles off the cost of Cape Cod, sits the island of Nantucket. On this island, during the 1600’s lived the Haley family. Tom Haley was the only tobacco farmer on the island and due to this fact they were extremely wealthy. Their estate was the largest on Nantucket and was located right over a beautiful cliff. Tom and his wife Janice ate breakfast every morning at 6:00am everyday with their son Garnet. Late Thursday night a storm was getting very close to their

  • The Lightning-Rod Man-Short Story

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    The Lightning-Rod Man-Short Story What grand irregular thunder, thought I, standing on my hearth-stone among the Acroceraunian hills, as the scattered bolts boomed overhead, and crashed down among the valleys, every bolt followed by zigzag irradiations, and swift slants of sharp rain, which audibly rang, like a charge of spear-points, on my low shingled roof. I suppose, though, that the mountains hereabouts break and churn up the thunder, so that it is far more glorious here than on the