Imagine a World without Time

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Imagine a world in which there is no time. When does the man go to sleep? When does the man wake up? When does the man go to work? The man lives a life free from the constraints of society’s “tik-tok”. The man has no age. Because there is no time, he relies on his basic human instincts. He sleeps when he is tired and his eyelids turn into anvils, he is awoken by the light entering through his window, the broken pattern caused by a misallined blind, and he goes to work when he has finished his morning routine consisting of a two-mile run and a breakfast of two eggs scrambled on a piece of whole-wheat toast. The man is supposed to meet a client at his office in Manhattan. His client, John, owns and operates a chain of coffee shops, all located in the greater Manhattan area. John wants to open several more shops and needs a small loan from the man, a banker at Chase Manhattan. In this world without time, waiting for someone often takes longer than the actual meeting. In reality, though, no time is spent waiting, for time does not exist. Therefore, John goes to the man’s ...

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