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IT managers who are strategic, tend to keep the entire business strategy in mind, as opposed to only the support strategy. IT managers who keep only the support infrastructure in their vision may not always know what the rest of the company is doing. If they only concern themselves with supporting customers, they may be missing important strategic initiatives that the company is trying to bring to those customers. Linking the technology strategy directly linked to the business strategy is a key IT architecture component (Huhta, 2011). There are three primary tasks that must take place for this linkage to happen.

First, upper-level business managers must decide the role technology will play in advancing their competitive advantages (Hax & No, 1992). They must also determine the assets they will assign to technology, and the assertiveness used in the innovative development and in inserting technology into their products and processes (Hax & No, 1992). It is important that corporate involves themselves in this process because technology is embedded and shared throughout every function of a company. Corporate strategy that communicates its mission through the technological requirements will lead to a powerful viable position (Hax & No, 1992) .

Next technology strategies are formed at the corporate level (Hax & No, 1992). The technological strategy of a company must be defined during formation of the business strategy (Hax & No, 1992). This will define the competitive benefit of each department (Hax & No, 1992).

Finally, the IT managers must interpret all of the requirements put forth by corporate management that will outline the technological strategy of the company (Hax & No, 1992). At this point, the creation...

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