ISO 9000 Quality Management Standards

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Quality standard
Quality standard is a document that giving requirements, conditions, procedure or characteristics that can be used again and again to guarantee that materials, products, process and services are fit for their purpose.
ISO 9000
 What is ISO 9000?
ISO 9000 is a quality management standard published by international Organization for Standardization. It is giving the guidelines for quality management. ISO 9000 is a generic it can be applied virtually anywhere. ISO 9000 is giving confidence organization can provide product or service that full fill customer need and expectation.
 ISO 9000 family
ISO 9000 is fundamental sets the stage for understanding the basic elements of quality management standard. ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9003 and ISO 9004 are part of the ISO 9000 standard. ISO 9000 having eight quality management principles.
• Focus you customer o The organization want to know what is there customer and what are their needs, requirements, expectation. Eg:- a private school means their want to focus children.
• Leadership o The organization leaders are what to work for achieve mission, and vision of the company.
• Involvement of organization staffs o Organization wants to support involved staffs. Organization wants to develop the staffs skills and ability.
• Use a process approach o To achieve a good result Organization wants to use an efficient process approach.
• System approach o Organization leaders and staff what to understand identify the system approach. And given task organizations effectiveness and efficiency.
• Continual improvement o Organization wants to make looping improvement their overall performance.
• Decision making o Organization wants to get effective decisions form analysis data and information.
• Organization and supplier relationship o Organization and supplier relationship beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.

 ISO 9001 - Model for a quality assurance in designing production, development, installation and service.
ISO 9001 is used quality assurance to give confidence to purchaser that the organization’s quality assurance system provide good product. ISO 9001 is having 20 elements that must be complete by a company in the implement of a quality management system. for manufacturing, development, installation and service. Here design function is making unique form other standards. Where the Origination designing part is essential they will chose ISO 9001 as there model. In our scenario also developing help desk system so for that we need to design user interface also, software engineering field user interface designing also big field, so we can get ISO 9001 as our model.
 ISO 9002 - Model for a quality assurance. In produce, install product or service.
ISO 9002 is very good standard for quality assurance.

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