I Think The Most Effective Forms Of Critique

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“I think the most effective forms of critique are ones that establish a common ground for people to occupy, and then appeal to the best nature of people on that common ground.” - Mohsin Hamid We have all been out shopping or in a restaurant and heard that pop classic, a great oldie, or an unknown song that catches your attention as it plays out over the business’s speaker system. Even while working diligently on a household chore or an assigned essay, you may have a favorite group or station playing on headphones or just in the background. These are all examples of how music has been a mainstay of society and even today continues to surround us in our daily lives and tasks. Since music has infused all of our lives, should a place of business remove this luxury from its employees? While management may have experienced the presence of a radio as a workplace distraction and a source of contention among employees, the benefits of having a radio at work has led to increased employee performance, better focus of tasks and improved morale. The issue of a radio in the workplace can be a strained one between the views of the employer and the people at particular levels of the company. The biggest concern that any industrial organization will have is safety. A responsible company will enact policies and follow government regulations to make sure that their employees are safe and have a healthy productive environment. For example, music can be seen to have both a positive and a negative effect on safety through distractions. Clearly, a radio blaring at a high decibel level can be harmful in and of itself and cover other sounds, such as a shouted warning or the honk of a horn, that would be vital information at the time. Beyond that unreaso... ... middle of paper ... ... I hope that the emphasis on what tasks are made more or less risky through music and how a radio may reduce risk will allow for a policy that denotes a time and a place that is acceptable to all parties. Alongside this reduction of risk; morale and the social stimulation that can be achieved with the use of a radio can help workers maintain performance and not sacrifice productivity for needed social interaction. In order to reduce conflict among peers, discussion and oversight can be key to an understanding of the limits and guidelines set in place. Well being and safety are goals that all personnel should be striving to achieve. The workplace is a community that thrives on the people that comprise it and, symbiotically, workers thrive inside a healthy community. I feel that when we can all reach common ground we won 't need to forsake either well-being or safety.
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