I Live To Eat

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On the brisk clear morning of October 2nd, I woke up bright and early; I even got out of bed without a fuss or struggle. Surprisingly, I didn’t even press the tempting snooze button or toss the alarm clock against the wall to make the relentless beeping noise cease. It was a Saturday morning and I had never felt more rested. I was ecstatic on that particular morning—not because it was finally the weekend, but because I had plans to go out to eat that night at my favorite restaurant: Outback Steakhouse. I guess I should have also been excited because the occasion was my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend, but in all honesty the thought of succulent steak and savory soup excited me more than the thought of a romantic evening and exchanging gifts.

I sat around all day, anxiously waiting for my boyfriend to come pick me up. We were finally on the road by five o’clock, but I wished we had left earlier. Not only had I been starving all day, but the wait for a table was now thirty-five minutes. Although disappointed, I knew the meal would be well worth the wait. My boyfriend suggested that we head over to the Olive Garden across the way, but I simply refused. I had been patiently waiting for my New York strip steak all week, and I just wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

As we both waited for our party’s name to be called, our mouths watered. The sight of each passing steak, marinated in fourteen different seasonings, herbs, and spices, lit up our eyes, and the smell triggered our stomachs to rumble even more than they already had. We were delighted when we finally sat and placed our order.

While waiting for the appetizers, we sustained a conversation for quite some time. It was when our Kookaburra chicken wings, salads, and soups arrived that the table turned dead silent. If it wasn’t for the sound of us chewing and scarfing down every crumb and morsel on our plates, you would be able to hear a pin drop. Based on the way we ate, an onlooker would have thought it was our last meal. Not a word was spoken, except for when we fought over the last wing. Normally I would be polite and give in without an argument, but these wings are heavenly.
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