I Believe Abortion is Murder

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My argument is based an opinion piece, from a magazine article online “we do abortions here: A Nurse’s Tale. The nurse does not agree with abortion because what different women go through. She is saying that you do want kids, then, why put yourself in the position to make it happen, and that some women are too careless. She gives different scenarios on what women go through when abortion is about to take place, but it is not an easy thing. The nurse always ask these woman “Are you sure you want to have an abortion? (Tisdale, 1987)
In the first place, my definition of murder is an illegal intentional butchery of one human being by another. Identically, when it comes to abortion, I think it is murder. As a matter of fact, abortion is erroneous behind reasons beyond God’s laws and moral requirements. Not only, but abortion is totally wrong due to the fact that the baby is a separate human being. A woman should not have the right to kill her child. If murder is against the law, then killing a baby have to be as well.
With this in mind, I learned that six weeks after conception, the baby's heart starts beating. Certainly, it is an actual child that assembles inside a woman's body. It definitely cannot be an alien or an animal. As far as I know, following the moment it is conceived, it is a child. Realistically, upon being pregnant, the life is called a baby instantaneously the mother to be officially starts preparing for the birth of the child. This could include, purchasing walkers, prams and so fought.
Slightly, on a psychological note, the minute females decide to abort a pregnancy, they are troubled for a long time because they distinguish they are murdering a child. It doesn’t leave their conscience. More likely, t...

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...ancy is definitely not a stroll in the park. Abortion is legal today and that it is tolerated.
In conclusion, for those of you, who support abortion and think it is okay, put yourself in the babies’ shoes. I know that everybody has to die, and we do not live on earth forever. With that being said, I cannot imagine dying. I do not want to imagine the world without me in it. As a result, I will love to know how all you abortion supporter will feel if someone seized your ability to live. For one second, just picture yourself not being capable of having the opportunity to say whether or not you want to live or die but also not being able to have an actual voice in this case. Unfortunately, babies are not entitled to have a choice in their mother’s womb. This is very hurtful and tragic. Please refrain from abortion and be responsible. It is cruel and unfair.
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