A Persuasive Speech: A Speech On Abortion

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515 words
515 words

What if I told you that right now someone was choosing your fate whether you should live or die? And what if I told you that there was nothing you could say and nothing you could do to change their mind? Ladies and gentlemen there are thousands of children in that very position at this very moment right now someone is choosing life or death for child they've never even met before that someone is their mother and that choice is abortion. Abortion means ending a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a child but it doesn’t matter how you say it, abortion is basically taking a life. Approximately more than 40 million abortions take place in the world every year since 1973. That is 40 million innocent beings being killed, taken away the chance to live a life full of their own of endless opportunities. If killing unborn babies are allowed, why murdering a person is illegal? There is no right to everyone in the world to even think of murdering innocent babies. Some people say Fetus is not a child? That’s wrong. Fetus is proven to be a human life. Just because they can not ...

In this essay, the author

  • Describes 40 million abortions in the world every year since 1973.
  • Opines that killing unborn babies is illegal, and that it is wrong to think someone has the power to end a life so easily.
  • Explains that abortion generates lifelong health risks and contributes to mental health problems. abortion is not a simple procedure, they have long-term effects.
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