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So I 'm not really sure where this little letter is going to end up as far as content goes because I am not sitting down with a particular agenda in mind. I know back in October I asked for your address in case I wanted to ever send you anything or maybe just send you a hand written letter as I thought exchanging letters could be cool and fun. I have had a few ideas for things to send you but a letter is probably best as I don 't have the best tract record with gifts I.E. valentines cactus or myself in a box. Taking that into consideration, this might either be a safer option or a complete blunder. It was really nice seeing you again at the wedding and then briefly afterwards at your house after it has been so long since we really saw one another. I think that last time we actually spoke in person may be the night we rode to Valdosta to get cold stone and then ended up climbing on some hay bales out in a field and talking for a little while. You asked me the night of the wedding in your driveway if me coming to the wedding and telling you the reason for me being there and that me and Hannah had decided to separate ended in the way I had expected. Honestly I can say I don 't really know what I expected from all that. I think I half expected for you to play cool or nonchalantly be like oh ok and then the other half of me kind of thought or hoped you would be excited. Maybe excited isn 't really the right word. More so a response in the realm of oh that 's interesting or wow maybe we can talk about this more. Now as I think back to that very moment when you were sitting at the counter inside the cabin and I was standing at the edge and you asked me what was on my mind and how the answer to that very question which you had been as... ... middle of paper ... ...er than expected and my handwriting is still terrible. I will leave it up to you If you choose to reply or not. If you don 't, then once again it was really nice catching up with you and I 'll just let our meeting in October be whatever it was. It was nice seeing your mom and being able to bend her ear and dance a little bit. She told me how proud of you she was and how much she enjoyed visiting you in California. I hate your dad didn 't make it to the wedding as it would have been nice to see him as well (and maybe not just as he flicked the porch lights on at me for sitting in the driveway with his daughter) If you do decide to reply then I will be looking forward to seeing where this conversation does or does not go and continuing to catch up with you. I wish nothing but the best for you in your life and I know you will make all your dreams and ambitions come true.

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