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What if one day the tuition of your community college was to become free? If you couldn 't afford college would you go? That’s exactly what President Obama is trying to propose in his State of The Union speech on January 20th 2015. In his words he claims “to lower the cost of community college, to zero”. I am a community college student freshman at Frederick Community College. Being a community college student I value my education and feel if this new proposal is to be put in place there will be people who don’t want to be there just like high school. Community college is something that runs in my family as my two cousins have attended a junior college in the past. I am in my first year at community college and can say that it is a lot different from high school as far as the expectations and work load. There are essentially some problems with this new proposal. Once I heard that President Obama was trying to make community college free I automatically thought how this plan is going to diminish the competition between social classes and limit jobs if everyone has an associates degree. After researching the topic more in depth I feel that community college should not be free to just anybody. The new proposal will essentially cost sixty billion dollars in just ten years alone (Calvert). According to Kyla Calvert “Obama: Community College Should Be Free and Universal in America as High School” notes that seventy five percent of the tuition cost will be covered by the federal government and the states will cover the last twenty five percent of the cost. Governors fear that the seventy five percent might fade with time trying to cover all cost of tuition for colleges across America thus making them unable to provide free education to ... ... middle of paper ... ... college should not be free to just anyone. As there are financial aid, scholarships, and Pell grants that are intended to help people with the increase in tuition each year. There are some ups and downsides to this new proposal. Although there is an increase in jobs that will require an associates degree, college education shouldn 't be handed to you. I think that instead of making tuition free to everybody, make it free for those who are working hard to get an education. We could use the money to help high schools around America to better prepare students for the workforce and college. Being a community college student I can relate and agree with most of the information I have read about free tuition and still feel strongly that this proposal should not be put into effect without more considerations with how it can effect the students and the college its self.
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