Hygiene Among Different Religions

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In our study, there is a statistical significance between religion and practice of personal hygiene (P value is 0.025). The students belonging to Christian religion (40.70%) were following good practice of personal hygiene as compared to other two religion 21.00% (Hindu) and 31.70% (Muslim) respectively (Table no.11). There is no such comparison in other available studies. In our study, 100% of children were washing their hands before taking food. Maximum of 92.5% of students washed their hand with soap and water, whereas 7.5% of children washed with only water (Table No. 12). This is more when compared to the study done by Ray SK, Amarchand R, Srikanth J, Mujumdar KK, in Kolkata and Bangalore, showed 86% of children always washed their hand before eating, but 47.3% of students never used soap and 30.9% used it occasionally, 21.3% always used soap for hand washing (23). Similarly another study conducted by Anita rani M, Sathyasekaran, in Chennai 2009, found nearly 77% of students washing their hand before eating food but only 19% of students using soap (18). ...
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