The Importance Of Cleanliness In Islam

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The Messenger of Allah also said:
“Cleanliness is part of faith”. Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad and at-Tarmizi.
It shows that cleanliness is very important in Islam. It includes everything, such as clothing, body, teeth, place of worship, house, food etc. Thus, Muslims cannot take lightly about cleanliness.
The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took great care on relationship with the mortals, human or otherwise including flora and fauna. In other words, human relationship with the world and its contents must be cordial, including water resources and the earth so that all His creatures will always live peacefully and harmoniously. This shows that Islam is a religion of compassion and hence it is comprehensive in its scope.
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They are supposed to cooperate and live in coexistence harmoniously among fellow human. Knowledgeable and good moral character of human capital normally has the capability of leading people to be responsible and God-fearing citizen. As such, Islam emphasises on this kind of human capital development in its education system. God fearing and skilful holistic Islamic human capital investment is the only way to help developing human resource of a country to be able to compete with others in this modern, trying and chaotic globalised world.
It is obvious, therefore, Islamic management system is comprehensive one based on the philosophy of faith in Allah. It does not exclude secular system so long as it does not contravene with the Islamic syariah. Islamic system without worldly need system is incomplete. Muslims became static after their downfall because they had wrong direction and perception about Islam. As such, they did not emphasise on the development of worldly needs in science, technology etc. as did the Muslims of the
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Before election, the background of their leaders thoroughly screened and scrutinised, most of them are clean and not tainted with scandal, more so their candidates for the Presidency. This puts the Muslim world to shame. After election, they close ranks. The winner thanks the voters and likewise the loser too thanks the voters without enmity between the winner and the loser. There is no street demonstration by the losers. The winner starts working for the future of their beloved country. That is heavenly beautiful, and that is democracy in America and other Western world, for which the Muslim world should indeed emulate them. What is good from the West, the Muslims can adopt them, period.
Muslim unity should transcend beyond boundaries, race and colour because the spirit of Islamic kinship is universal. By virtue of this, clannish or fanatic towards certain group is un-Islamic. This is the very reason for the destruction or down fall of Islamic empire and for any empire that matter. It is really beyond comprehension while the Muslims believe in Islamic Monotheism and yet they cannot get along to unite as if they believe in different God. They quarrel and fight among themselves like ignorant
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