Humor and Social Competence

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One commonly cited definition of loneliness is owned by Peplau and Perlman (1982) who defined loneliness as the distressing psychological experience caused by the discrepancy between a person's desired and his actual social network, qualitatively (deep intimate social network) or quantitatively (too few friends). Furthermore, it is said to be a subjective experience that does not necessarily imply isolation, but instead is the result of self-perceived discrepancies in social relationships (in Fitts et al., 2009; Wong, 2010; Çeçen, 2007; Miczo, 2004; Bernardon et al., 2011). It was Weiss (1974) who classified loneliness into two: emotional loneliness and social loneliness (in Wong, 2010) where emotional loneliness is said to be caused by qualitative discrepancy of relationships or the lack of close and intimate attachments and respectively, social loneliness is said to be caused by quantitative discrepancy of social networks (Wong, 2010; Peplau & Perlman, 1982 in Fitts et al., 2009). Studies on loneliness found out that the said construct is also said to be perceived differently depen...