Human´s Interest in Extraterrestrial Life

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Aliens. Extraterrestrial life. Humans have always had an interest in extraterrestrial intelligence. The speculation of extraterrestrial intelligence is popular these days both in mass culture and in science but belief in extraterrestrial intelligence goes back into ancient times. Extraterrestrial life is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. With the fascination of aliens among human, many became theorist. They believe that extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago sharing their expertise with early civilizations which forever changed the course of human history (Ancient Aliens). An example of this is Stone-hedge. How exactly did human place these heavy giant rocks on top of each other without any heavy machinery or tools. The only explanations one can come up with is with the help of extraterrestrials. So because of this, people have always tried to get in contact with extraterrestrial beings since the day of man.
With the fascination of extraterrestrial intelligence become more popular today, people are trying to figure out some of the mysterious and unexplainable things that are on Earth. They connect these mysteries with extraterrestrial intelligence. Erich von Daniken who is an alien theorist from the television show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel believe that thousands of years ago, extraterrestrials landed on Earth. Erich stated that “these beings were not only hailed as gods but also helped shape civilizations.” Erich explains that there are two types of evidence that these theory points to which are ancient religious texts and physical specimens such as pyramids, cave drawings and stone sculptures. Some evidence which can support this ...

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...ave to fight to survive. Several movies that this pertains to as like, The End of the World, Alien, Alien vs. Predator, Battlefield, Cloverfield, The Day the Earth Stood Still, etc.. Although most of the movies out there are about the Earth being invaded, there are also movies like Paul which is a comedy. Since there are no real know sightings that have been discovered, it leaves humans with an unknown feeling about aliens. I feel that many questions come to my mind when i think of aliens. I wonder if I actually met one if they would be friendly or harmful and if they would teach us more about the galaxy around us. Human have alwys had an interest in extraterrestrial beings and would use them as a solution to explain many of the mysteries that Earth has. As long as extraterrestrials hold an interest in humans, there will always be people trying to connect with them.

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