Humanity And Responsibility In The Fish By Elizabeth Bishop

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2494 words

Humanity and Responsibility I will begin by defining humanity and responsibility. Humanity is nothing more than a group of humans living in harmony. Humanity can also be interpreted as feelings of kindness, compassion, brotherhood, consideration, understanding, and sympathy, among others. Responsibility is defined as: the state of being autonomous in making decisions, can also be defined as an authority, leadership, power, control, among others. It is extremely important that humans can show humanity towards everything around them and that they are responsible enough to protect people and the environment; This research paper will focus on how authors like Elizabeth Bishop, John Updike, Jim Willis and Maxine Kumin, emphasized the …show more content…

The narrator speaks about the fish in terms of commercial, where every part of the fish can be sale for different purposes, but as the speaker look in the fish eyes, starts to compare the human life through the existence of the fish. What the speaker found beautiful about the fish is that as the speaker looks into the fish eyes and start looking in a different way to the creature, she starts to identify a living creature instead of a creature that will die imminently. The speaker starts seeing the beauty of the fish when she start to compare the fish to a soldier, when she sees through the eyes of the fish the victories over death that this creature has won, and I believe that the speaker compares her own battles and victories to the one of this creature in order to survive. I believe that the “ personality” of the fish is humble, brave and that this fish have been battling for a long time for his life, that he has been involved in some sort of violence many times in order to exist. I also feel that this fish is tired of fighting and that he is venerable to the speaker …show more content…

A magnificent creature that just want to feel simple things like freedom, be social, a caress. In this poem I can appreciate the suffering of a creature in captivity whose desire is to experience such elementary things as being the companion of a human and give his love, feeling a touch, a little affection and attention; things that should not be denied to any living creature. This poem is a desperate cry for freedom and what for me are the basic rights of any household animals, such as dogs. Once again I will use some of my work during this course to better explain the feelings of this animal in captivity that only wanted to feel

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that humanity is nothing more than a group of humans living in harmony. responsibility is defined as being autonomous in making decisions, authority, leadership, power, control, among others.
  • Analyzes how elizabeth bishop, john updike, jim willis, and maxine kumin's "the fish" and "dog s death" reflect humanity, responsibility and compassion from humans to nature.
  • Analyzes how elizabeth bishop's "the fish" shows the beauty, perseverance, and kindness of a fish.
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