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Humanities are the academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture throughout the world. In the renaissance, humanities contrasted with divinity and and is now called classics. In today's society, the humanities are more frequently compared with a more natural and sometimes social science. The humanities use methods that are primarily critical or speculative. They also tend to have a significant historical element which as distinguished from the natural science and has no central discipline. The humanities now include ancient and modern geography, languages, literature, philosophy, history, religion,art and musicology. Three important ideas throughout weeks one through eight so far include a guide to critical viewing,…show more content…
Gender roles are the way acceptable male and female behavior and functions are defined in a given culture. Within the ongoing debate of gender inequality, education is a big debate. It has been seen time and time again that oppression of women continues when they are refused access to education and their progress is bashed upon when they fall behind men academically. However, “the rise of women” has brought an increase of advancements for women in college enrollment and degrees obtained. Within the United States, women are now just as likely as men to succeed in higher education and the gender gap has decreased very much if not been eliminated completely. Today we have so many gender norms it is almost weird when people do not stick to them. Since growing up whenever watching a movie that involved a hero the role would always be taken by a man. However times have changed and you now see women taking the lead hero role which is phenomenal. As well as being transgender has become a lot more accepting now than it was in the past. I mean even olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner is now a female after going through the transgender procedures. Life as we know it today is very accepting to different gender roles and I think it is a wonderful thing. People should be comfortable wearing or doing whatever they…show more content…
It is such a beautiful thing and does have an impact on many things. time. Research has demonstrated art influences the central feeling of self. Painting, design, music, writing and alternate expressions are regularly thought to be the story of a general public's aggregate memory. Art is this sense is correspondence and it permits individuals from various societies and distinctive circumstances to speak with each other by means of pictures, sounds and stories. Art is frequently a vehicle for social change. It can offer voice to the politically or socially disappointed. A melody, film or novel can energize feelings in the individuals who experience it, moving them to rally for change. There is an obvious, positive connection between children's evaluations in math and education, and their contribution with art or music exercises. So far in humanities I have learned many things and I have increased my knowledge in life and my love for
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