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Introduction – Human resources The business we have chosen as a group to discuss the coursework on is Sainsbury. Sainsbury is a UK based food retailer that has developed interests moving into financial service sector with the establishment of Sainsbury’s bank. The business employs 97,300 that operate supermarkets, convenience stores, internet-based home delivery shopping service as well as Sainsbury’s Bank. The company is one of the largest and the oldest supermarket in the UK. They were able to develop through different strategic methods and well as knowledge on competitiveness. For the business to achieve high accomplishments, their employees continue to help the business develop. Moreover, by this, I was interested to look into the human resources sector of the business to see how they operate. This is the division of the company that targets on the activities regarding employees of which include recruitment and hiring of new employees, employee benefits, retention and others bonding together to form human resources. Internal and external factors have an influence on the business of which play different contributions to help the business become successful and in an advantage situation. Therefore, it is important to understand both the internal and external environment for the business to have a strong business growth. As the human resources team want to create a positive working environment, it has created many opportunities from temporary jobs, full placement jobs, and graduate jobs to work experience placements, which provide the full training and safety guidelines for future developments and protection. External business environment External business environment encompasses everything that is outside of the control o... ... middle of paper ... ...rm best. Having workers turn up late is unacceptable and work not being done up to standards will then be taken up to human resource to identify a solution before disciplinary or further to being dismissed. It is also important that no conflict is cause by colleagues to further into potential crises. Therefore in general, keeping an eye on employees is not only needed for development. In conclusion, the human resource sector of a business is a vital part of the businesses growth, success, development of employees and more to help the company thrive. The HR team controls the training and development and this is the face of the company. The employees. Moreover, having done this correctly, they will bring success to the business. And as Sainsbury aims to be the best in their market, they will continuously need to develop in order to be the chosen one for consumers.

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