Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking has become a major issue in Europe, especially in Bulgaria, which is at its pinnacle for poverty rankings. Another reason Bulgaria is said to be a “paradise” in human trafficking is because of the collapse of the socialist regimes in the late 1980s. Americans don’t hear about the subject and problems of trafficking as much, so not much is understood in the logistics and why it’s such a problem. Innocent women and children are constantly being taken and put into an abominable world of forced sex and labor. Society needs to fight against these traffickers. Law enforcement needs to enforce more discrepant punishments to those involved in the trafficking of human beings, and increase cooperation, coherence and visibility in human trafficking in both destination and transit countries. Help needs to be provided for people who have been trafficked and start a plan to stop any future victims of trafficking. The demand for cheaper products in Europe has rose, therefore increasing the amount of human trafficking. If more countries refused to buy such products, the demand for slavery would decrease, and the Human Trafficking statistics would then decrease.
Bulgaria is considered both a transit and destination. Both women and children are subjected into forced labor and prostitution. The first step to understanding why it’s happening is to see where these victims come from. Mostly they originate from poor and unstable countries. Their backgrounds made many of the women from the Roma or Turkish minorities look for their happiness outside their habitual and permanent residence. Estimates of the European Commission was recorded in 2011, according to which 120,000 women and underage girls were smuggled annually to the Western p...

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... educate students about the horrendous facts in human trafficking.
Overall, more action needs to be taken in order to stop such heinous activities. The government has shown efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts and to combat the child sex tourism. Chocolate, electronics, clothing and fish are main products that are produced by victims of forced labor. If the demand for such products were reduced or eliminated, there would be no need to make as much, therefore no need to force so many people into working. Human trafficking is not a known problem in the US, but it is a major problem for European countries. Getting more people aware of Human Trafficking and increasing people’s knowledge of it is a major part in stopping it. Plans of prosecution, protection and prevention take a large role in ending chances of more victims being forced into such a life.
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