Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is the second most criminal industries in the world that exploits the lives of women and children. They take the children from their home and make them work in horrible condition for hours and pay them little money. The women are some time turn into sex slaves. As stated in Kiener (2012) each year more than 5,000 women and children from Malawi for sex exploitation aboard (p.475). People sometimes put their selves in the situation to get taking, because they are desperately trying to leave their current situation. Even though slavery was banned world wide it still occurs today and millions of people are victims each year. Mam said “people think slavery ended years ago” (as citied in Kiener, 2012, p.475). Human trafficking is thriving and making money almost thirty-two billion dollars a year in profits. Shelley argued growing dramatically since the mid- 1900s, thanks to factors like the ending of the Cold War, disappearing boarders, globalization, economies and growth of international crime syndicates (as citied in Kiener, 2012, p.477). Profits are soaring because prices are so little. The need of slave labor is high and inexpensive. Since there are so many slaves the traffickers do not have to spend money or take care of the slave. The trafficker may dump or killed them.
One story of this little boy named Walusungu Msondo and his friend was approached and the strangers offer them a job and it was too good to refuse. Some of the other kids back out when the stranger told them not tell their moms and dads about it. Some Msondo went with the men, because they promise him a well paying job. When he got there he realizes he made a very bad decision. Msondo had to work for nine hours in water ...

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...ern of human trafficking out the dark. As for human trafficking, bringing the problem out of the dark is the starting point, and U.S. and multilateral efforts in last ten years have achieved that. Human trafficking victims themselves are indeed in the shadows socially and economically. This formula is what it will take to abolish trafficking, so that rule of law is fully realized and that all types victims are offer a chance to reclaim their inherent dignity ( Logan, 2013, p.6).
Trafficking victims have been through stop and several country where there are exploited and sold resold. When they make the stop they are beaten and told they have to work they debt off. Trafficking take advantage of the fact it because it difficult to disrupt. It hard trying to identify a victim of human trafficking before the force of manual labor has taken placed ( Kara, 2011, p.68).

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