How the Industrial Revolution Affected the World

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The Industrial Revolution was the main contributor of the development of factories and modern day machinery. The Industrial Revolution created hundreds of new jobs, influenced many new inventions, and created many new ways of creating and transporting goods. Many jobs including spinners, miners, factory workers, and farmers were beginning to rise in population, due to the new technology being created in the 18th and 19th centuries. The start of new inventions coming into view was beginning in Britain, with many agricultural tools creating new ways to plow and yield crops. Later on, it caused new forms of transportation to be developed, for example, railroads and canals. This essay will explain exactly how these causes began, and how they prospered in the Industrial Revolution. Transportation became a huge contributor to the industries of the 1800’s and 1900’s. “Steam boat experiments as early as 1780s both in England and America, but the need was greater in America.’ The steamboat uses a water and and a boiler that is powered by a fuel, which can be wood, coal, or other combustible entity. “The first successful steamboat may have been built by French engineer and inventor Claude-François-Dorothée, in 1783.” As years went by, engineers such as John Fitch and Robert Fulton began building and deploying steamships, with American inventor Fitch in the Mississippi, and English engineer Fulton on the Hudson River of New York. With the steamboat being the first mechanically powered vessel known to humans, it provided a faster new forme of transportation for traders in Americas and Europe. The steam-powered boats could travel at the astonishing speed of up to five miles per hour. The steamboats usually sailed over the ocean or on canals.... ... middle of paper ... ...weaving-becomes-a-modern-industry.htm (accessed December 10, 2013). Simken, John. Spartacus Education, "John Kay." Last modified June 2013. Accessed December 10, 2013. Toler, Pamela. The Everything Guide to Understanding Socialism. New York, NY: Adams Media, 2011. (accessed December 10, 2013). Norman, Jeremy. From Cave Paintings to the Internet, "Lombe's Silk Throwing Mill: The First Factory." Last modified 2013. Accessed December 7, 2013. Lari, Osama. Industrial Sociology: A Comprehensive Approach. New York, NY: Sunbun Publishers, 2013. (accessed December 10, 2013).
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