How We Can Live Longer

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How We Can Live Longer Introduction: I. Why do We Age A. Theories of Aging II. What is Longevity A. Life Span and Life Expectancy III. What determines Longevity III. Why Don’t Most Americans Live Past the Average Life Expectancy IV. Leading Causes Of Death (table) V. What Do We Do to Live Longer Conclusion: Introduction What is the fear of most humans? The fear is aging and death. In this paper you will find out a lot about aging. You will learn what longevity is, what determines it, the average length of life and how you can exceed it. You will find it amazing that doing simple things every day will help you to feel better an live longer. Why Do We Age? From the time we are born we start to die. This is life. No one knows how long they are going to live, but we can try to do all that we can to live longer. Aging is not controlled by any one. Aging is a genetic process. We get so old until our bodies breakdown. What causes the breakdown, the decline of energy, The inability of the body to function. There is nothing to fully explain why we age, but their are some theories the will help explain what happens. Theories of Aging The Genetic Theory states that cells contain “aging” genes that tells the exact number of times the cell can duplicate itself, for humans that about 110 to 120 years. Another theory suggest the cells DNA somehow becomes defective after a certain point and synthesizes defective protein. The defect disables normal cell functioning, causing the cell to deteriorate- fall apart. The Immune System Malfunctions is a theory of aging involving the immune sys... ... middle of paper ... ...ork: Salem Press. A signed article in a journal McCartney, K. (1984). The effect of a quality day care environment upon children’s language development. Developmental Psychology, 20, pp. 244-60. A signed article in a monthly magazine Beardsley, T. (1994). For whom the bell curve really tolls. Scientific American, January 1995, Volume 272, Number 1, pp. 14-17. A signed article in a daily newspaper Moore, M. (1994, December 27). Speculation irks Flores. Journal American, Section D, p. 1. An unsigned article What Vietnam did to us. (1981, December 14). Newsweek, pp. 46-97. A film or videotape Hand, D. (Supervising Director) and Disney, W. (Producer). (1937). Snow White and the seven dwarfs. [Videotape]. Burbank, CA: The Walt Disney Company. Computer software Microsoft Works for Windows 95 (1995). [Computer program]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft.
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