How Technology Improves Academic Success in Students

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Education is a constantly changing aspect of every individual’s life, and it will never stop transforming. The format that a student learns has drastically changed over time, and continues to morph every year with new standards and new technology. The idea of utilizing technology in the classroom is a controversial one for many reasons. Some argue that it is too costly and ineffective to justify. While many people argue that the use of technology in the classroom is too expensive, offers an unneeded distraction, and is ineffective for the student, there are many positive factors that technology can have such as improving the lives of students with learning disabilities, all-access to educators, improving the damaged school system, and inducing the necessary character of independence in the student. While technology offers a relatable experience for the student and a practical introduction to the professional world, many people argue against the use of technology in the classroom. Arguments include the apparent ineffectiveness lack of social dynamics, pace of change, and the inevitable distractions that technology would implicate. The argument of the futility of web based learning is widely studied, with ambiguous results. Donnelly and Benson (2012) states that in twenty studies focused on the effect of web based learning on students, the results “report higher post-test scores on multiple-choice tests but overall did not lead to improvements in knowledge in comparison to traditional teaching methods” (pg. 30). While these results are somewhat unclear, they do not provide an overwhelmingly positive argument for the change that web based learning would entail. Many oppose this requirement for change because it is inevitably expensi... ... middle of paper ... ...xpensive and a definite transformation of the education system the benefits on the student’s lives should outweigh the cost and effort that would need to be undertaken by educators. There should not be a sacrifice of an improvement in learning due to the hesitation of change. Therefore, technology should be utilized in the classrooms, and doing so will be to the student’s advantage in the long run. Evolving technology is unavoidable, and students, teachers, administrators, and parents should be prepared. Works Cited Ipads Help with Learning. (2014). Port Lincoln Times LexisNexis Academic, 3. Donnelly, P. &. (2012). How to succeed at e-learning . Chichester, WestSussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell. LexisNexis Academic. Gupter,, M., & Manjrekaer, p. (n.d.). Using Mobile Learning to Enhance Quality in Higher Education. SIES Journal of Management LexisNexis Academic, 23-30.
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