How Stars Came to Join the Moon

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Have you ever wondered how stars came to join the Moon to create the amazing night sky?

No, this is not a fairy tale silly. What you are about to read is a story based on true fact.

The story begins a long time ago, in an age when people did all their work and play by day.

Unbelievably, everyone (except for naughty little children) prepared for bed as soon as the

Sun disappeared below the horizon. During this time in a land far, far away, lived a little girl

named Polly. She was the perfect daughter every mother wished to have. She made her bed

every morning, never spoke with her mouth full and always dotted her “i’s” and crossed her

“t’s”. Polly wore a beautiful necklace given to her by her slightly eccentric grandmother who

claimed to “know things”. When she asked her mother what Granny knew, her mother would

say she knew “a load of hogwash”. Polly did not like the necklace much, but wore it because

it was the polite thing to do with a gift. It was beaded with thousands of sparkling diamonds,

yet strangely, did not weight a thing.

On one fine, sunny morning, Polly’s teacher gave out a strange assignment at school.

“I would like everyone to draw a picture of the Moon and hand it in on Wedesday,” whispered

Ms. V (for she was recovering from a throat inflammation). “Please ask for your parents’

permissions to stay out after sun down.”

Most of the class snickered. No one actually listened to those stupid adult rules! Who had

never snuck out at night? But Polly had not because she was a good girl who made her bed

every morning, never spoke with her mouth full and always dotted her “i’s” and crossed her

“t’s”. Which was why she had never seen the Moon. That night...

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...dden transformation was also visible physically. She had

acquired a new glow (it is uncertain whether from her new personality or the reflection of the

sparkling diamonds) and emmited a beauty not even the Sun could deny.

“Why thank you dear Polly!” smiled the Moon, pleased but not overly smug.

“How do you know my name?”

“You’ve written it on your sketch pad,” replied the Moon with a grin. “I just didn’t notice it


From that day on, the Sun and the Moon lived in peace and harmony with occasional

picnics and road trips to neighbouring galaxies after the earth people had gone to bed. Now

everyone, children AND adults went out at night to enjoy the beautiful, glittering sky.

That is how stars joined the Moon. There were no dragons, witches or princesses locked up

in towers so, technically, this is a true and factual story.

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