Fairy Tales Essay

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Molly Grace Busby
Mrs. Taylor
PreAP English II
8 April 2014
The Effects of Fairy Tales on Romance
Fairy tales vs. reality in romance. Childhood stories of star crossed lovers meeting by change and being swept up in a heart pounding romance then immediately getting married and living happily ever after are obviously something anyone would long for but is it realistic in our day and age?
Fairy tales have been a part of our lives for as long we can remember and they have long lasting repercussions. These stories go as far back as the early 1600's when the stories of sleeping beauty began to surface ("Sleeping Beauty") As always the dominate theme in these tall tales is love. Nothing could make a story more interesting than a love affair between a knight and a fair maiden. Through the centuries, the art of telling stories has captivated listeners and readers as they developed and grew. The more you heard the more intrigued you became and by the end the story tell would have you sitting on the edge of your seat ready to jump up and scream at the exciting finale to come. Whether these legends ever actually happened or not doesn't even matter if it entertains you. Telling stories is a purely recreational act but it might have heavier consequences on our relationships in life that we never expected.
The affects of fairly tales on our lives are very underestimated and maybe even unconsciously acted out in our everyday challenges and experiences. In pretty much every single fairy tale ever told the main event in the story is falling in love. While Prince Charming may not have ever actually existed he surely did in every little girls heart who heard her parents tell of his heroic deeds and the dragons he slayed and most im...

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...ir displayed bravado; if you have an expectation of women to treat you like a king then you better treat her like a queen.
Our society has definitely drifted away from the way of the medieval world, in most circumstances this is good thing but in others it is a consequence of great magnitude which severely hinders our generations ability to experience love in the way that it should be. Now love is more likely to be something fretted over and avoided rather than enjoyed. With our knights in shining armor long immured, their swords long rusted and made unusable, our hopes for love are distant and seemingly defeated. Can love ever be restored onto its pedistole which it once resided?
The answer is yes, if we try long enough, love hard enough, and hope with all our might we may just be able to salvage love in one last heroic swing of the metaphorical sword.
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