The History Of Fairy Tales

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Bottigheimer Ruth B. Fairytales Folk Narrative Research and History “Social History” JSTOR 14, 3 (1989). 343-357, Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
This article, is arguing about the cultural history on how the poor and the lower class would tell stories. These stories still affect our society today. This article states that fairy tales at first were meant for adults because children could not read. An example is Brothers Grimm, where “Weber argues that fairy tales can tell us a great deal about the real conditions in the world of those who told and those who heard the tales” (344). It also explains how the Grimm’s brother changed society with their stories of cruelty.
Bottigheimer, Ruth B. Fairy Tales: A New History. Albany, NY: Excelsior Editions/State
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In the fairytale, she married a merchant, who would leave her in a huge tower, and in the story, there was no significance over her hair; however, she converted from her old religion to Christianity. The merchant, her husband, did not approve of that. When he found out, they went to Rome to see the roman counsel, where the merchant ended up killing her, and he gets struck by lightning. Then, for Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. The author states that “The fairy tale is based on the tragic life of Margarete Von Waldeck a 16th century barvarian noblewoman”. The king of Spain poisoned Snow White because the prince of Spain fell in love with…show more content…
Later on, it started to head to other places, such as Russia, Scotland, and central Asia; they were written by authors in those countries. Fairy tales were starting to become worldwide. “Fairy tales are one of their dominant expressions, connective tissue between a mythological past and present realities (Warner)”. Fairy tales were short narratives stories, usually a page long, and second, they were familiar stories passed down to generation to

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