How Pornography Affects People

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Pornography, being a multibillion dollar industry, is a topic that people tend to shy away from when confronted of the conversation of it. However, it is evident that people of both sexes will find ways to pursue this industry. If that were not the case, the industry would not be accumulating the billions of dollars that it is. What few people understand or take time to explore is what pornography is truly defined as. Pornography has been around for centuries and has affected countless people since then. Pornography is defined as “printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement” (Lubben). The word pornography is derived from the Greek words por’ne (“prostitute”) and graphein (“to write”). In essence, when watching pornography, one is watching prostitution take place (Lubben). Buying, watching, or selling pornography is participation in the industry of prostitution.
On another note, prostitutes go through a lot within the industry too. President of the Pink Cross Foundation, and ex-porn star, is a part of this non-profit organization that rescues women out of the porn industry, fights porn in the legal system, seeks to find safety in health, tries to stop sex trafficking, and to enforce labor laws. While some women in the industry do not find anything wrong or immoral with their job, others would claim that they want a way out but do not know a safe way out. This woman, Shelley Lubben, was a porn star for eight years and upon leaving the industry was in recovery for eight more years. She said that she, “took on their junk,” meaning the junk of those in the industry. She has found that women in the industry become depressed, feel isola...

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...o of it. This addiction is likened to even that of a drug addiction because people cling to it and continually try to reach new highs. To start, people repeatedly return to the material for sexual excitement and arousal. Secondly, people feel and escalated need for more explicit, deviant and sexually shocking material to achieve the same level of sexual stimulation. Thirdly, people become desensitized towards what they initially saw as gross and shocking material and in time, the material becomes acceptable and desirable to the viewer. Finally, pornography addicts form an increased tendency to start “acting out” the sexual activities they have viewed (Lubben). Needless to say, viewing pornography is not something that is easy to be put away once those images have been placed into one’s head.

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