The Pros And Cons Of Pornography

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The term pornography originates from the Greek language, and the definition of this word is "depiction of the activities of whores" (Sushma, 2014). Pornography is encountered in many forms. Such as films, books, photographs, on television, in addition to the internet. Pornography is in each and every culture. Some cultures are more accepting than others when it comes to pornography. Some denominations do not approve any forms of pornography in addition to finding the act of viewing and reading this material as a sin. Even though several people in the world condemn pornography, the industry that produces these movies, plus other materials is a booming industry. Pornography has provided a higher income for those that are involved, including the…show more content…
Including to benefit from an ethical question, we must resolve the disagreement that is in the thoughts of people (Mosser, 2013). Aristotle insists that ethics is not a hypothetical subject area. He is asking what the good for human beings is not simply because we want to learn, simply because people will be better able to achieve good if we develop a fuller understanding of the subject matter. The challenging and disputable questioning develops when we ask whether these goods are more desirable than others. Aristotle 's search for the good is a search for the highest good. There for the highest good should be what is the best for all involved in a situation (Mosser, 2013). Many look to Aristotle for their opinions and thoughts about…show more content…
With virtuous ethics, one looks to examine not whatever makes a person good, but looks at whatever makes a person virtuous (Mosser, 2013). To be considered a virtuous person one must look look at the act and make a decision whether the act constitutes being immoral by the act a person is doing (Mosser,2013). In the relationship with virtuous ethic in pornography several people think the the females that are earning their living by acting in pornography are brave strong people that are brave enough to partake in what other perceive as wrong. On the other hand several people may look at he acts preformed by the adult entertainers as wrong. The thoughts are that sexual relationships should be out of love for each other and not viewed by the outside world. With this line of thinking females involved in pornography will be regarded by many as a degrading situation for women (Gubar, 1987). These people are using their opinion and beliefs regardless of evidence, arguments, and justification of the women that partake in the movies, photographs, internet materials, or on television (Mosser, 2013).Women that perform in such movies, photographs, television programs or online is using their bodies in addition to sexuality to earn money. The Indicated form of entertainment in the eyes of many individuals and organizations, such as churches perceives that a female is encouraging sex in the form that are not within their teachings or

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