How Does Light Speed Affect The Universe?

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How does light speed affect the universe? What about our everyday lives? In the History Channel documentary, “The Universe – Light Speed”, what light speed is and how it affects the universe helps explain how important it is for not only learning the history of our Solar System but the universe itself. How light speed affects stars we see from Earth, the significance of redshift, light horizon and how it affects our glimpse into space, and how ideas are being formulated to traverse space are key points in this documentary. A light year is six trillion miles of which light travels to Earth in a year. The documentary highlights this as the importance for the unit of a light year in which Michelle Thaller notes that one light year is equal…show more content…
There hasn’t been enough time for light to travel more than that” (The Universe – Light Speed). Light horizon is the sphere around Earth in which any direction only allows us to see 13 ½ billion light years. This seems to reflect, in my opinion of that the, “Earth seems to be in the center of the celestial sphere only because it is where we are located as we look out into space… the celestial sphere is a useful illusion, because it allows us to map the sky as seen from Earth” (Bennett, 28) but instead of constellations, the light horizon deals with the ‘horizon’ of Earth’s view into the farthest view into space. This was new and surprising to me because I found out that there’s an obstruction to the speed of light of which beyond is radiation left over from the Big Bang. The Inflation theory about the Big Bang to explain cosmic microwave background radiation was completely new to me and the first I’ve heard of it as well as how it relates to space constantly expanding. I found that space expands faster than the speed of light making is exclusion to the law of the speed of light was extremely attention-grabbing since I find the beginnings of the universe to be something I love to learn…show more content…
I thoroughly enjoyed learning new theories such as inflation theory in relation to the Big Bang as well as what is being done to further our exploration of space. Overall, I felt the documentary taught me numerous facts in relation to astronomy an understanding not only how light speed affects Earth but the universe as a

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