How Did Vincent Van Gogh Fail

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Vincent Van Going to Fail This Research Paper Vincent Van Gogh, a famous French artist painted throughout his life. Although Vincent Van Gogh was self taught, part of his success eventually resulted because of the influences in his life of his brother Theodorus, his nearly perpetual depression, and his time in a mental institution. One thing Van Gogh mastered was hiding his mental illness. His depression began during his two year stay in London. There he struggled was with the living situation he was in. For months he cut off communication with family, renounced any connections with his social life, and adapted a gloomy lifestyle. It wasn't until Vincent became more passionately involved in religion that he began to cheer up. He lost all interest in his art career and spent the next four years reacting to his calling, a preacher. As a result the church dismissed him. Again this lead Van Gogh to depression. He questioned how he could be of any use to the world. Finally, at the age of 27, he realized art was a good direction and began producing work. For a while everything seemed to be moving at a constant and stable pace. While vincent was visiting home, he fell for his widowed cousin Kee. When she scorned him, Vincent alienated …show more content…

She also explained how he stuck to a certain schedule, and it was not until July 27, 1890 that Van Gogh broke his routine. She wrote how he never came back till very dark, and when he did arrive there seemed to be something very wrong. Worried, her father entered Van Gogh's room to find him wounded due to shooting himself. He explained to the man how he was painting in a wheat field when he pulled out a revolver and shot himself in the torso. Although the wound was not fatal, Vincent fainted and did not wake till hours later. Although he did make it back to the Inn, he only lasted two nights and died

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