Starry Night a Paint by Vincent Van Gogh

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An analysis on Starry Night (1889) of Vincent van Gogh Introduction The life span of 37 years saw Vincent Willem van Gogh (Vincent) in creating beautiful works he dearly loved. Painting was an avenue, which allowed him to express his inner thoughts or vent his struggles. My decision to research on Vincent’s painting, Starry Night (1889) came with the inspiration from Don Mclean’s Song, Starry Starry Night where his lyrics spoke about Vincent’s life that further intrigued me in writing this paper. In this paper, we will focus on examining Vincent’s painting, Starry Night. The paper will begin with a short introduction about Vincent where an analysis will be conducted to explore more into the painting. Subsequently, the paper will move on to explain how Starry Night impacted the wider histories of art and the period where it was created. Lastly, The paper will further examine two accounts or interpretations of Starry Night from art historians. Biography Vincent was an influential post-Impressionist painter born in 1853, Netherlands. With Theo van Gogh’s association, Vincent met reputable Impressionist painters such as Émile Henri Bernard and Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin. Impressionism served as a platform for Vincent in developing his own style . He explored with colours, a stark contrast from his usual dark and sombre style. The influence of Japonisme charmed Vincent into residing in Arles where he began painting landscapes. Thereafter, Vincent voluntarily checked into Saint-Rémy sanatorium where his works reflected strong colours and lights of the countryside around him. His manic depression and epileptic condition, led to his suicide on July 27th 1890. The Analysis Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night (18... ... middle of paper ... ...etin. no. 2 (1986): 301-313. (accessed April 3, 2014). The Portrait in Impressionism. London: Park Lane, 1993. Van Gogh Gallery, "Van Gogh's Impact on Art.." Accessed March 31, 2014. Van Gogh, Vincent. Webexhibits , " Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh Saint-Rémy, c. 2 June 1889." Accessed March 29, 2014. Vincent, Van Gogh. Van Gogh Museum, "To Theo van Gogh. Arles, Friday, 21 September 1888.." Accessed April 3, 2014. Werness, Hope B. . " Whitman and Van Gogh: Starry Nights and Other Similarities." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review. no. 4 (1985): 35-41. (accessed April 11, 2014).

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