Impact of the Cultural Revolution on China

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What effect did the culture revolution had on china? The culture revolution happens in in mid 1900s and lasted a full decade and had a lot of impact on the Chinese people. The main goal was to preserve communism ideology by purging against the reminisce of capitalism in the tradition Chinese society. The book Red Azalea comes from at that particular time period. Red azalea was in the center of the culture revolution. The culture revolution affected the Chinese citizens in many ways. The citizens did not enjoy the cultural revolution and lived in constant fear of communist party and they lacked freedom to express themeselves.

The culture revolution took place in china in 1966. The culture revolution took place for three reasons first so Moa can replace his successors with more trust worth leaders to his current position. Secondly, he wanted make some changes because he was not a big fan of charges that were being made by the Soviet Union and he wanted to impose a lighter version of socialism in china. Thirdly, To address both of these destinations he needed a Cultural Revolution to challenge people or groups considering; giving more youthful gathering individuals a chance to take part in progressive action, accordingly refreshing their conviction and excitement and in doing as such …show more content…

Mao’s Thoughts turned into the focal agent manual for all things in China. The power of the Red Guards surpassed that of the armed force, nearby police powers, and the law by and large. Chinese people expressed their thoughts and were disregarded and openly assaulted, with commendation for Mao being drilled in their place. Individuals were urged to censure social organizations and to scrutinize their guardians and educators, which had been entirely taboo in conventional Chinese society. Anchee min was also affected by this. She was scared so much she was fearful of death. She stated “A farm that produced nothing but weeds and

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