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From 100 CE to 600 CE the Chinese had many cultural and political life changes and continuities. A political change was in the end of the Classical Chinese period when the Han Dynasty fell. A cultural change during 100 CE to 600 CE was the paper invention that led to passing down cultural rituals. Not only were there changes but there was also continuities in the Chinese political and cultural life. An example of a cultural continuity is the increasing power of Buddhism. A political continuity is the ruler of the Chinese wanting the people to be protected with for instance The Great Wall of China.
A good change in political life is the period of disunity following the fall of the Han. There were various factions. People are not cooperating or listening. There is disunity and instability. The fall of the Han dynasty in 220 was certainly a major change in the political life of China from 100 CE to 600 CE. The Han dynasty fell as a result of political unrest. Although there was a great economic success during the Han ruling there were several groups fighting for the political power. A peasant uprising overthrew the Han dynasty. Also heavy taxation led to revolts from the people. At 100 CE the Han were firmly in power but then around 220 CE they were out of power, so that is quite a change of political life.
There were plenty political continuities for the Chinese from 100CE to 600CE. One political goal that China had is that protection was a must. Protection was important because China has been in battles many of times. For an example in 221 CE to 222 CE there is the battle of Xiaoting where Wu defeats Shu. For protection purposes the Chinese had built a structure known as The Great Wall of China. This is considered a political conti...

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...hese materials were used because they could be easily found at a low price compared to Hemp fiber and silk. Hemp fiber and silk were used at first but then the Chinese realized there are greater uses for this material. Therefore they started to use the worn fishnet, bark and cloth.
Overall the Chinese from 100 CE to 600 CE was fulfilled with many cultural and political changes and continuities. The fall of the Han Dynasty brought political changes whereas the invention of paper brought about cultural changes. While there were a lot of changes, there were significant continuities, as well. Culturally, China saw Buddhism grow in power. Politically, they saw the wall of China go up as a way for their leader to protect them. Wither it was something changing or something that remained and grew, all of these things had a huge impact on China during this time period.
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