How Culture Shock Affects Immigrants

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Student’s Name Subject Professor’s Name Date Cultural Shock and Coping with It. Culture shock is personal incomprehension a person may feel or experience when in an unfamiliar culture or way of life as a result of a visit to a new place or immigration, a movement amid social environments. Culture shock mostly affects individuals who have relocated to foreign environments. It is a process that an individual undergoes in experiencing a new environment; it is categorized into four phases that are honeymoon, crisis, adjustment, and recovery phases. The common problems associated with it arelanguage barrier, generation gap, homesickness, information overload, boredom, technology gap and cultural response ability among many others (Macionis 2010, 26). Cultural differences affect individuals differently. Therefore, there is no definite way of preventing culture shock. This paper’s research will be on how cultural shock affects the immigrants and the ways in which they and their next generations cope up with it. The …show more content…

The Bengali culture states that the official that is the good name of the child should be given by an older person in the family while the nickname can be given by the parents. Ashok named his son Gogol as they await a letter that had the baby’s official name given by her grandmother. The later never arrived hence the child continued using the nickname even out of home where it was to be used. Lastly, the name ends up being his official name in spite the fathers attempt to change it to Nikhil. The principle of the school rejected the name and eluded that Gogol would be used since it was the child’s preference. For the principle, he dint understand the Bengali’s culture. The effect of cultural difference depicted here by Lahiri is exactly the same as to what the immigrants face in

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