Example Of Intercultural Communication

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After watching this video it reminded me of when I went to New York and when I asked a stranger for directions they responded to me in French and therefore I was left a bit confused. The reason this happened is because we both came from different cultural backgrounds. In certain situations messages can get mixed between people who are from different cultures. Our world is a very cultural diverse place. Language barriers can sometimes set people a part too. I was very grateful that the woman who was helping me was able to point to which direction I needed to go to in order to find my destination. The experience that I had in New York about getting lost and then having a communication barrier with a stranger was an example of culture shock.…show more content…
I think that by being mindful while communicating with others from different cultures will enhance your overall communication competence. It is also shows great respect when you’re being mindful of others. However, mindfulness allows you to stray away from common stereotypes. Mindfulness creates a more empathetic communication…show more content…
The first step consists of “when we make more careful distinctions and we aren’t prone to stereotypes” (Rothwell 80). This allows people to more considerate when communicating with others. The second step to becoming a mindful communicator is “to be open to new information” (Rothwell 80). Being open to new information allows for us to learn new things. The last step to becoming a mindful communicator is to “recognize different perspectives” (Rothwell 80). It’s very important to recognize other people’s perspectives when communicating with them. Overall, I strongly believe that becoming a mindful communicator will tremendously enhance intercultural communication. In conclusion, I think that everyone would benefit by being mindful of others while communicating with
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