Culture Shock Essay

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Culture differences defined by several authors in various ways, Hofstede define culture as “collective programming of human mind”, (Schneider.etal al, 2014:15) where’s Fons Tompenaars is defines culture as “the way society solves its problem”(Steers,et al,2010:50) while French define culture as learned values, norms that largely shared by its members.(French.2010:22)

It is constructive how the lecture uses combination of different author’s because it delivers their views of culture. Consequence the use of multiple authors brings understanding culture its self, while some definition seems more ambiguous such “collective programming of human mind, this might lead to some sort of computer program. I personal feel that having other authors
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Pedersen (1995) describes culture shock as process of primary adjustment to unfamiliar environment, in which the adjustment process takes in its sentiment, behavior, cognitive and physical impact on individuals. (Pedersen, 1995:2-3) The term culture shock is established by Kalervo Oberg (1969) he classifying as individuals losing all familiar signs and symbols of social interactions. Personally it is unpleased feeling in living in new culture as well as arriving new…show more content…
The U-carve includes four stages; honeymoon is the first week of arrival where individuals are very fascinated about the new environment. The second stage is culture shock where it starts to kick off and individuals in this stage are confused, frustrated, anxieties and trying cope up with new culture. The third stage is whereas individuals are adjusting, starting to understand the culture and adapting the interaction with community. The final stage is Mastery, individual stable in the new culture. (Gautam and Vishmakarma, 2012:3-4) my perspective of this theory is exceptional because it specified the process and sequence of steps in culture shock experience. Therefore I feel that model is clearly detailed in term of adjusting culture shock. My perception is each phase is related to what I experienced. I realized how different my prevision culture comparing to the new culture. There was a moment where I frustrated to the new culture the phase creates amendment yourself to the new culture and once I understood what I was getting myself into, I begin adjust myself to new culture. The framework enables me to appreciate myself from different perspective and the new culture. I also developed the struggle and adjustment experience in adapting myself to the new
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