How Can We Stop Bullying?

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How can we stop bullying in society? Introduction Bullying is quickly becoming amongst the biggest societal problems that we currently face. Bullying can be defined as constant harassment of an individual (s) over a long duration (Hason-Hardings, 39). Bullying often starts as simple teasing and remarks, but may potentially and quickly turn to physical abuse. Surprisingly, bullying starts at a very young age right from when one joins elementary schools. There are several ways by which bullying starts and the victim’s reaction often depends on who they are around and the actual place bullying is taking place at. According to Garrett over 30 percent of students are bullied because of their family issues, cultural background, and social status (93). Severe cases of bullying often leads to physical abuse, because the bully is being abused at home , is trying to get attention or when the bully has low self esteem. Additionally, bullying also has negative long term problems that can lead to poor academic performance, low self esteem and criminal behavior later on in life. Due to this effect society is now beginning to take note on the serious effect bullying has on the youth. This notion has been reinforced by the findings of a report by the Secret Service that over 60 percent of students who were involved in school shooting had undergone bullying while they were still in school. Furthermore, there have been numerous reports in the media where cases of bullying have led to some victims of bullying committing suicide because of the humiliation they suffered at the hands of bullies. In light of these reports, the society should begin to take additional proactive measures to deter bullies and create safe communities where people are not afr... ... middle of paper ... ...hey always feel alone, rejected and lonely. The research found out that when an individual is bullied during middle school, consequences such as low self esteem and depression will stick with them for over ten years after. Furthermore, dropping out of school affect the victim’s career and future earnings. the most extreme reaction cases is when the victim decide to end his life or that of others plus his own, either because they cannot withstand further humiliation or when they blame everyone else for their humiliation . Additional research There are very many researches that are available covering various aspect of bullying, however, more research needs to be carried out on the factors that influences an individual into opting to be a bully. Additionally, more research is also required to find out how parents can influence their children to avoid becoming bullies.

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