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When many people approach a horse, they instantly feel cautious of their surroundings. These people tense up and become terrified because of the horse’s size, how they look, or just because they have heard of people being injured from horses. Many people are intimidated by how big some horses can be and they do not want to be around them. Horses are only thought to be a dangerous animal, but they have helped humans in many ways. For instance, they have helped with farm work that humans couldn’t have done by themselves, and they were a mode of human transportation for many years. The things horses have done for humans have helped in many ways, but horses have many other purposes that can help people out. Although many people agree that horses can be dangerous animals, it has been proven that owning and riding horses can have many positive benefits.

The first reason that is beneficial of riding horses would be that it can help to build strength in the body. Horseback riding may seem less like work and more like play, but it has been proven that horseback riding really can help build strength in the human body. An ancient Greek once said, “The outside of a horse is the best thing for the inside of a man.” This quote is actually true because of the many beneficial things that horseback riding has to offer. By riding an animal with a mind of its own, gives a full body workout which works muscles that hardly even existed before riding. People have realized that riding a horse can benefit the body and the mind. Based on evidence, some of the physical benefits that come from riding horses include greater muscle strength and agility (Bliss). Leg strength can be built easily form riding horses. But being able to perform simpl...

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...le feel that a horse is a dangerous animal, they do not actually realize that they can be helpful to humans.

There are many positive benefits that can come with riding horses, but most people do not realize how beneficial it can really be. Horses have been thought to be dangerous animals, and people refuse to go near them. If people would take the time to understand how much they have and can help humans, maybe they would feel differently about them. If people weren’t so scared of horses, they could build strength in their body, become more flexible, gain balance, and even make a new best friend. Horses are also great for therapy and can change the way people live their everyday lives. Society would not be the way that it is today without them. Even though many people think that they are dangerous, they have many beneficial aspects that can help everyone out.

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