Personal Narrative: My Horse

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Some people think of them as animals. Some people think of them as objects. Some people think of them as friends. Then there are the few who think of them as family. Horses have always been like family to humans, except sometimes closer. There are many benefits to owning or being around horses. They come in many different colors. There is a multitude of breeds, also. Additionally, they have a long history with humans. Horses have unique behaviors. Showing horses has been the past-time or even career of many people. Furthermore, caring for horses can be a handful, but is definitely rewarding. Finally, riding horses is not just a hobby or a sport, but an action of your heart. Horses are wondrous creatures that have lived with man or thousands of years.

Horses are not just beasts to take care of, there are benefits to owning them, riding them, or even just being around them. You will of course learn to love horses, and they will probably love you, too, if you treat them kindly. Similarly, you learn the responsibility of being around horses and how to take care of them properly. Also, you can have pride in you or your horse's accomplishments, your riding skills, or knowing how to be around horses and having experience with them. If you are around horses, you have much to tell and share!

There is, literally, a rainbow of colors horses come in. Some of the most common colors are bay (brown with black legs, mane, and tail), brown, chestnut (a subdued golden red color), black, and gray (darkish white). Some of the less common are palomino, liver chestnut (dark chestnut), bright chestnut (a very bright golden red color), pinto (piebald being black and white and skewbald being brown or tan and white), dun (tan with black legs, mane, and t...

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... have a crop (small whip) or peg spurs. Both of these do not hurt the horse, but are uncomfortable, so they know they are doing something wrong.

In conclusion, horses mean more to me than many other things. They are part of my friends and family, but I also have great respect for them. Horses are surrounded by benefits that make us feel exceptional. Their colors are all attractive. Their breeds are marvelous and unique. Their history with us is quite a beneficial relationship. Their behavior is different from ours, but is an easy language to learn. Showing horses is exhilarating! Caring for them can seem like a chore, but is actually an overall fun and propitious experience. Riding horses is fun and meaningful, not just something to learn or do just because. And, no matter what people say, I believe there is something truly special about my dear friend the horse.
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