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Branching out

The evolution of horses over the last 50 million years, is remarkable really. Horses used to look so different back then, its amazing to look at the difference now. Because there’s so much information on each and every type of horse that the modern horse started off as and a lot of researchers have put the information on timelines and graphs for people to view. It kinda resembles a tree if you look at the picture. It has so many different branches. To make this easy to understand this paper will go over a view of the many different forms of horse, including how old they are and what they looked like.


In this paper, I’m going to talk about how horses have evolved over time. You may know them as these tall, furry, hooved animals, but they didn’t used to look like that at all. They used to have toes and prints like zebras. Their teeth also looked a lot smaller 50 million years ago, with no gaps between them at all. I will be talking about all of this with you in these next couple of pages. Starting from the beginning, I will be explaining what the Eohippus is. Researchers found that this small animal was the earliest known horse, living 50-60 million years ago. I will also be talking about the Miohippus, which lived shortly after the Eohippus. Other ancestors of the Eohippus are the Mesohippus, Neohipparion and other forms from which the horse has evolved from. I was also go over how they’re teeth have changed and how this affects their diet. I hope this helps you appreciate and understand horses better. I promise you, you’ll see horses in a different sense after you’ve read this research paper.

50-60 million years ago

The Eohippus, meaning “dawn horse” was the earliest known horse on record. Th...

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...and loving. Treating them right, can be the difference between owning a psychotic pet, and a pet that’s going to be 100% loyal to you at all times.

Horses have evolved, in my opinion, for the better. They’re my favorite animal by far, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. They’re so kind hearted and are always there with a listening ear, and a hungry stomach. If horses had not evolved, then they would be completely useless to us. They wouldn’t be able to help us with farming and all the other stuff they’re known in history for. Think of how our history would be drastically changed by this catastrophic event? How would people have gotten around like they did, or fought in wars without their trusty steed by their side? We would be completely lost without their strength and speed. Horses truly were, and still are, mysterious creatures of the wild.
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