Honor Killing Essay

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Honor Killings: The Value of your Reputation over your Family Arbab Khatoon, 16, was stalked and raped by three men. Seven hours after Arbab reported this to the police her father stabbed her over and over again until she died. His reasoning? “My daughter lost her virginity before marriage. Rape does not justify that at all. Arbab brought dishonor to our family and needed to pay for it” (Chesler). The “category” this murder falls under is an Honor Killing. Honor Killings have been seen worldwide and continue to grow in the amount of victims. Occurring mostly in Middle-Eastern countries, more than any other, this type of killing is based solely on values and beliefs. How does one value their reputation over their own wives and daughters? Honor Killings are unjust and should be tried as a hate crime towards women. An Honor Killing is when a female brings shame to her family through their sexual relations and other signs of disobedience. A family 's reputation is based solely on a woman’s abstinence, loyalty, and obedience. If there is an suggestion that any of those values have been compromised, then that woman’s family will be shunned from their community. The only way to get back into the community is by killing the primary cause: the woman (Lesnie). Originating back to Ancient Roman times, honor killings…show more content…
By doing this the community will think the husband is a bad man and that’s not how he wants to be portrayed. This gives him a bad name and his reputation trumps his family any day (Chesler). Nancy Zaboun, a 27 year old mother was murdered by her husband shortly after meeting up at a divorce hearing. This mother of three had been reporting physical and verbal abuse to authorities for the whole ten years of their marriage. Finally, getting the courage to get a divorce from her husband he burned her to death in front of their children
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