Gangs and Injunctions

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Gangs and Injunctions Criminal activities and gangs have mostly always been an on going problem in the United States. Gangs and gang members are frequently involved with a variety of different crimes. The 2008 National Youth Gang Survey reported that there are approximately 774,000 active gang members in the United States (Egley, Howell, & Moore, 2010). The 2008 National Youth Gang Survey also states that there are about 27,900 active gangs in the United States (Egley et al., 2010). The active gangs in California have caused a major impact on the state in many ways. According to the California Department of Justice, approximately 300,000 gang members are living in California (Crawford, 2009). California also attributes more than 25 percent of all homicides to gang activity (Crawford, 2009). This is a staggering huge amount. The rise of gang involvement and gang crime has led law enforcement to issue and enforce gang injunctions. However, these gang injunctions do not completely eliminate gang crime and they have no effect after one year of being issued. Also, gang injunctions interfere with the lives of normal people in society. Gang involvement has been quite higher than past years. The 2008 National Youth Gang Survey estimates that about 32.4 percent of all cities, suburban areas, towns, and rural counties had a gang problem (Egley et al., 2010). This represented a 15 percent increase from the year 2002. The total number of gangs has also increased by 28 percent and total gang members have increased by 6 percent (Egley et al., 2010). This shows how relevant gang related activity is in today’s society. More locations are beginning to experience gang activity for the first time. Gang crime has also been on the rise in the past... ... middle of paper ... ...f Caldwell, Beth. American Journal of Criminal Law 37.3 (2010): 241-290. Crawford, L. (2009). No way out: An analysis of exit processes for gang injunctions. California Law Review, 97(1), 161-193. Egley, A., Howell, J., & Moore, J. (2010). Highlights of the 2008 National Youth Gang Survey. Retrieved April 30, 2011, from Egley, A., & Major, A. (2004). Highlights of the 2002 National Youth Gang Survey. Retrieved April 30, 2011, from Egley, A., & O’Donnell, C. (2008). Highlights of the 2006 National Youth Gang Survey. Retrieved April 30, 2011, from Foner, E. (2008). Give me Liberty: An American History. New York, Ny: WW. Norton & Company. Siegal, Nina. “Ganging up on Civil Liberties”. Progressive. 61.10(2005):28.

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